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Let us know about your doggie event.  Benefits, public shows, meet-ups, and plain ol' fun events can be listed here. Contact our Web Designer for your event to be inserted.

Tent Event Meet members of your Sequim Dog Park Board Every 2nd Saturday of the Month, from Spring to Fall. Look for the tent! Get information on becoming a Sequim Dog Park Pal, make donations and receive t-shirts, golf shirts, hats, tribute bricks and more. Sign up at the tent for our newsletter and to be a volunteer. See you there!
Poo Patrol You’re invited to join the elite… Poo Patrol “The Fellowship of the Bags” here at the Dog Park. Patrol Meets every Tuesday & Friday 9AM ~ 11 AMLet’s Keep Our Dog Park Clean!
Bichon's are meeting Sunday's in the Small Dog area of the Dog Park


No other events at this time, but please let us know and we'll post it here!

Dog Park News

1. Celebrate your dog

2. Dog Park Clean-up

3. Removing the Mud

4. Police Dog Training

Clean Dog Park

Celebrate Your Dog

Donate $100 to Help the Dog Park and receive a wonderful tribute brick

Your donation will help improve and maintain the park... literally! We're offering customized, engraved bricks that will show just how much you love your dog and the dog park. Click HERE to order your bricks today.


Poop the Scoop: Keep Your Dog Park Clean

Part of being a responsible dog owner is cleaning up after your dog, especially when out in public. Not doing so will quickly lead to a nasty, unsanitary, smelly situation. No one wants to step in it, and having un-scooped dog poop can lead to conditions that may spread disease. Also it is the law, as covered by Sequim Municipal Code 8.12.020.

Now, multiply the dog poop by hundreds of dogs using our Sequim Dog Park, and you see why it is so important for ALL Sequim Dog Park users to be diligent about picking up after their dogs. We supply plastic bags at several poop stations, and waste containers to put them in. You'll even find them throughout Carrie Blake Park. We encourage all dog owners to please use them.

We want to thank those of you who are already being diligent, and we want to encourage ALL Sequim Dog Park users to help keep our Sequim Dog Park a clean and safe place to bring our dogs.


Your Sequim Dog Park Donations At Work

Chuck Rundle helps get rid of the mud Jim Fletcher helps remove the mud

Sequim Police Dog Training

Perhaps you've been wondering what the new agility equipment in the south end big dog area is all about?

We're proud to announce that the Sequim Police Department has chosen the Sequim Dog Park as the location for training their K-9 Officer, Chase. Chase is handled by SPD Officer Mike Hill. The training will mostly occur in the evenings and after dark when the Carrie Blake Park and the Sequim Dog Park is closed to the public.

Previously the Sequim Police K-9 unit did not have a training location that was conveniently located or could be used reliably. Having this new facility at the Sequim Dog Park also means the Sequim Police Department can invite other K-9 units from around the Northwest and hold multi-jurisdictional K-9 training events. This is something the other jurisdictions already take turns hosting at their home locations, and now Sequim Police K-9 can take their turn.

During times when the SPD agility equipment is not in use by the Sequim Police, it can be used by the general public. Be advised, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. If your dog gets injured "playing" on the SPD agility equipment, there will be NO LIABILITY held by the Sequim Police Department, the Sequim Parks Department or the Sequim Dog Park Pals Board.

Following are some photos of SPD Office Mike Hill and Chase using the new equipment. Photos by Jim Fletcher.

Sequim Police Dog Training Sequim Police Dog Training Sequim Police Dog Training
Sequim Police K-9 Unit   Sequim K-9 Unit Chase

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