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Local Laws and Licensing

1. Police Enforcement

2. Dog License

3. Licensing Laws

3. Licensing Locations

4. Dangerous Dogs

License and Dog Laws

Police Enforcement

Off-leash dog parks are generally self-supervised. Visitors to the parks are encouraged to follow the rules and to encourage others to follow the rules. If there is a problem that's beyond the capacity of visitors to manage, the Sequim City Police should be called at 683-7227. For emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Dog Licensing

In short, all dogs must be licensed and vaccinated, whether you live in Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend or in unincorporated areas of Clallam or Jefferson County. Those rules are already on the books and they apply to the dog park just as they apply to the rest of the area. We've had a lot of questions about whether dogs must be licensed to visit the park. The answer is yes, because they must be licensed regardless of where they are.

If you are visiting our park from out-of-town, you should either have a license from your home city or county, or be able to show proof of Rabies vaccination.

Dog Licensing Laws

Dog Licensing Locations

Dangerous Dogs

Washington State has one of the strictest dangerous dog laws in the nation. It is the owner’s responsibility to control his or her animal. Failure to do so may result in criminal prosecution as well as civil suit.

While we hope that there will never be any serious trouble at our peaceful little dog park, all visitors should be aware that we take safety seriously and all dangerous behavior will be reported to the authorities.

Here's a discusion of the Washington State Dog Bite Laws. The following links are the laws as detailed in the Revised Code of Washington:


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