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Becoming a Pal

Dog lovers! Join us! Help us expand and maintain the dog park by joining Sequim Dog Park Pals (SDPP) as an official Pal.

We have lots of opportunities for you to get directly involved with Sequim Dog Park Pals (SDPP).  We are looking for fresh ideas, fresh hands, and skilled eyes to make SDPP even better.  The SDPP is entirely volunteer driven.  We sponsor events, organize projects, recommend policies and rules, etc.  We can put your talents to good use!

Contact our volunteer coordinator and get plugged in today!


If you are already a volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Insurance & Release forms now available online.


PLEASE do not do any work in the the park without completing one of these forms AND discussing the project with the Sequim Dog Park Pals Volunteer Coordinator.   Contact the coordinator via the link above.

How About Your Dog

  Bullet Does your dog enjoy meeting friends?
  Bullet Does your dog love to chase tennis balls or Frisbees?
  Bullet Does your dog ever wish that you'd take off the leash to let them run free?
  Bullet Do you wish you could meet more dog-enthusiastic people?

The City of Sequim has offered us space for our park, but we have to maintain and grow it.

What do I have to Do?

To be a Pal entails a $20/year tax deductible donation. Nothing more.


What Do I Get?

  Bullet Primarily, you'll get the satisfaction of ownership, knowing that your contribution helped build and maintain a safe, friendly place where your dog can play off-leash.
  Bullet All contributions to the Sequim Dog Park Pals are charitable contributions and may be tax-deductible (only your accountant knows for sure).
  Bullet You'll gain the love and appreciation of thousands of dogs in our community.
  Bullet You will receive a free gift in appreciation of your donation.


Tax ID Information

The Sequim Dog Park Pals operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the Olympic View Community Foundation,
a 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID #: 912084105.
Olympic View Community Foundation 
For more information about the OVCF/SDPP relationship, contact:
     Olympic View Community Foundation
     720 E. Washington Street, Suite 111
     Sequim, WA 98382
"We improve our community by connecting people who care with causes that matter."


Sign me Up!

You can join SDPP by sending your name, address, email (for newsletter) and a check for your tax-deductible donation to:

  Sequim Dog Park Pals
  P.O. Box 2465
  Sequim, WA 98382

Or, you can make your tax deductible contribution online with a credit card by clicking one of the donation buttons below. (PayPal handles our credit card transactions, but a PayPal account is not required.*)

       $20 Donation - Dog Park Pal


But Wait, there's more - Donations

The dog park depends almost entirely on donations and volunteers for its construction and maintenance. SDPP is under the fiscal sponsorship of the Olympic View Community Foundation, Tax ID #912084105. As such, your donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the IRS. Please consult your tax advisor.

We are an all-volunteer advisory committee which takes care of basic maintenance needs at the dog park and oversee its use and continuation. Your donations help us to keep the park fresh: gravel, poop sacks, benches, shelters and other maintenance as needed.

Checks should be made payable to: Sequim Dog Park Pals

Mail to:
    Sequim Dog Park Pals
    P.O. Box 2465
    Sequim, WA 98382

If, in addition to becoming a Pal, you'd like to make an even more generous donation to help maintain the park, it's EASY! Join our "Winner's Circle" by choosing any of the tax deductible donation levels below.

Your generosity is deeply appreciated.

$35 donation - Hot Dog
$50 donation - Trophy Winner
$100 donation - Best of Breed
Over $100 donation - Best of Show
Over $1000 - Dog's Best Friend
Any Donation - Friend of the Park


In Kind donations

Our most generous donations so far have not been cash, but valuable products and services donated by local businesses. If you have something you'd like to contribute to the cause, please contact us directly. We'd love to hear from you.

  • PayPal Help: After you click one of the donation buttons, you'll see a place for PayPal members to enter an email address and PayPal password. Below that is a link that says "Don't have a PayPal account? Click here" which is where you would click to pay with a credit card.


Donate by Purchasing Dog Park Tee-Shirts, Hats, and Tribute Bricks

Visit our store where you can donate by purchasing unique items created by the Sequim Dog Park Pals. 

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