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Hot Cars Kill - don't leave your dog in the car
Hot Cars Kill Never leave a dog in a car

Welcome to the Sequim Dog Park

The Sequim Dog park is a community park that is over one acre in size.  The park encourages people to bring their dogs for exercise and off leash doggie play.  There is a fenced area for large dogs and one for small dogs.  Plus we have additional areas we use to rotate the coverage to keep our grass green and reduce muddy areas.  Restrooms, doggie clean-up bags, and benches are available for visitors use. 

Please note: No wading or kiddie pools are allowed in the dog parks, as we are located in a city park and it is against Sequim city rules.

IMPORTANT! - Do not use the Sequim Dog Park UNLESS your dog has had all of it's vaccinations!

Especially BORDETELLA vaccine, which is specifically for kennel cough. It is against the dog park rules to bring unvaccinated dogs or dogs that have a contagious condition to the dog park. Pass this on to your other Sequim Dog Park friends.

Let's keep the dog park a safe place for our furry companions! IT IS UP TO US.

Learn more about kennel cough at this website:

celebration OF the sequim Dog park 10th year birthday
& ksqm pet Appreciation Event
September 9, 2017
Save the Day

LAST YEAR'S celebration
OF the sequim Dog park 9th year birthday

Below are some photos of our dog park birthday celebration and KSQM Pet Day event

View a video of our celebration!

View a video of the Police K9 Demonstration!


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Sequim Dog Park Photos
Dog Portrait in the Park Sequim Community Dog Park Sequim Community Dog Park Sequim Community Dog Park
Sequim Community Dog Park Photos Sequim Community Dog Park K-9 Sign K-9 Training at the Dog Park Sequim Community Dog Park
South Area Entrance  New sign  Summer Dog Park 2
Dog Park Clean Up Entrance Gate  Dog Park Cleanup Sequim Dog Park Cleanup

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Photos at the park

Park Photos

Three Jack Russels